Schmorgascast Episode 77!

Greg Landon.  Circa 1967

Greg Landon. Circa 1967

This past weekend, we had our father, Greg Landon on the podcast.  In this episode, which also finished as our longest ever, we talked to him about college in the early 60’s, being drafted, moving to Alaska (and whatever broma-selzter is), and some of his thoughts on current controversial policies.  We could have easily gone for another hour or two.  Give it a listen on iTunes or your favorite podcast catcher!

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Schmorgascast Episode #74!

Brought to you by James, the ridiculous fish.

Brought to you by James, the ridiculous fish.

In our first episode of 2014, we talk about some of the biggest stories of 2013, and give a little intro to who our first “in studio” guest will be. Then we discuss the correlation between lead and crime rate (really interesting topic from We also meander through the crisis of light bulbs in 2014, James’ growing collection of Apple products, what the expect at CES this year, and whatever else I’m forgetting (I’m sure it was all on topic…). Take a listen here on the blog, from your favorite podcast catcher, or on iTunes! As always, you can provide feedback at or @schmorgascast on twitter. Thanks for listening!

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Schmorgascast Episode 71!

Drive Home

I realize this picture makes it look like I drove off the highway. I didn’t…this time.


Join us on your drive home with Schmorgascast Episode 71.  In this episode we discuss Toronto Mayor Ford’s follies, how the bail system works in criminal law and proposals for improvements, the Ohio Governor’s reasoning behind a stay of execution, the Simpsons hitting cable, and the U.S. becoming the #1 oil producer by 2015, amongst other random topics.  Download the episode on iTunes, streaming to the right, or through your favorite podcast catcher using the RSS feed below. As always, you can reach us at or @schmorgascast on Twitter.  Thanks for listening!

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Schmorgascast Episode 63!


A new logo and podcast are here!  I’d pat myself on the back for the design, but let’s be honest, I’m not that talented.  Alicia Landon is to blame for this awesomeness.  In this podcast we discuss the new Nexus 7, twin beds in marriages, the new droid phones, what the Huffington Post thinks of pretty women on trial, the Jahar Tsarnaev Rolling Stone cover, and Apollo 11’s engines at the bottom of the ocean.  We talk about much more, but you’ll have to listen to the banter to get it.  Also, I hope iTunes doesn’t remove our “clean” rating, because we would probably be kicked off terrestrial radio with this one.  As always, you can reach us at or @schmorgascast on Twitter.  Feel free to complain and receive angry messages back as usual.  Check it out on iTunes or the RSS feed below!



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Schmorgascast Episode 59!

This week's podcast brought to you with more concentration than our golf game, which is apparently just searching for lost balls.

This week’s podcast brought to you with more concentration than our golf game, which is apparently just searching for lost balls.

In this week’s podcast we discuss the FBI stealing your personal information from Google (watch out what you “google”…), and also how the FBI actually ran a child pornography ring in an effort to catch sex offenders.  Then we go over some tech news, including the HTC One and whether it will come to Verizon, the confirmation that Google and Motorola are making a phone called the “X Phone,” and Apple’s new iPod Touch for $229.  James covers some news on fuel cell technologies, and public-private collaboration on the issue.  We end talking about possibly the most important topic, where 10 schools (including Princeton, Harvard, and others) are now offering cheaper online classes.  Some schools, like San Diego State, are even allowing some of these online classes to count for credit.  We debate.

As usual, you can reach us at or @schmorgascast on Twitter.  The podcast is available to stream on the right-hand side of the screen, through iTunes, or using a podcast app and plugging in the RSS feed below:

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Schmorgascast Episode 54!


In this episode, we discuss the tragic Boston Marathon Bombing, and the recent arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (which we mispronounce several times; it should be “ja-HAR”).  We go over what a Miranda warning is and when it matters.  We address other media reactions worldwide to the bombing, including some perceptions of our level of response in Boston.  Then we talk about tech and about the Google Glass project. What should we possibly expect from Google I/O next month?  Lastly, we go over EPA regulations on CO2 and what is happening because of proposed legislation and the “notice and comment” period.  As always, shoot us an email at or send us a tweet @schmorgascast on Twitter.  It’s available on iTunes and download, as well as streaming to the right.  Thanks for listening guys!


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How Old is Too Old to Make a Mistake?





So let me begin this by saying that this is not a confessional.  I know, it’d be great to hear a mistake story about me, but I can’t tell one.  Clearly, I’ve never made a mistake.

However, I was reading Reddit today (as I will many times when I reach a full 2 seconds of boredom), and I stumbled across a story of a high school senior kicked out of school for having a bong in his car.  Was that his best move?  No, obviously it wasn’t.  This particular senior had supposedly just gotten into Auburn University, and was 4 weeks from graduating.  You’re probably thinking what I’m thinking: What a shame.  Also, shame on you if you were thinking about what happened to the bong.  I’m sure it’s safe.

Many comments flooded into the post advising the now former student that all was not lost.  He’s young.  He can take community college classes after getting a GED, and get into a university in the future.  All he must do is continue to work hard and never lose hope.  Kids make mistakes.  There’s still time, etc.

But, at what point do mistakes turn in to “you should have known better” or “you’re too old to be screwing up like this.”  A lot of times, sometimes in a courtroom setting, young people are given opportunities that older people are not granted.  They get a “break” so to speak.  For the most part I agree with this sentiment, as making mistakes is part of growing up.  But what gets me is the flip side of the coin, where making a mistake can be crushing at an older age.  There isn’t the same focus on the hope for the future if you’ve reached a certain age, which I think culturally is probably around 30 (I’m currently trying to move back this age since I’ll be 30 this year).

This morning I listened to an interview between Howard Stern and Tom Sizemore.  If you don’t know Tom Sizemore…you do.  Just look him up (Heat, Saving Private Ryan, etc.).  Tom got into drugs quite a bit, spiraled out of control, went to prison, got sober, relapsed, and got sober again.  He currently has a book out, “By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There.”  He talked in the interview of his hope for a second act in life, similar to Robert Downey Jr.’s career reformation.  He seems to still have hope for that.  He made many mistakes, and he’s 51 now, but he wants another chance.  There are many examples like Tom Sizemore.  Families, communities, the criminal justice system, they’re all flooded with examples.

I guess my rambling point is that mistakes aren’t only made by the young.  They’re made by everyone, at many different ages.  The focus needs to always be on moving forward and helping the person who made the mistake make a different choice in the future.  Don’t only spread disappointment, spread hope too.  There isn’t an age when you’re too old to make a mistake.  Unless of course you’re Anthony Weiner…then you should know better than to send a picture of your penis.  Your last name is “Weiner” for God’s sake.  So ends this rant.

Also, listen to Schmorgascast #53, it’s right to your right in the blog, or on iTunes or your podcast catcher!


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