Will the Elderly be the Next Reality TV Hit?

This show was basically reality television in my book.

Reality TV is big.  It’s pushing what used to be good television off the air.  I’m looking at you “Jersey Shore” and “I’m 16 and Pregnant.”  MTV was better without you.  But as reality TV continues to expand across all our formerly beloved channels, where’s the primetime slot for our wisest age group?  No, “Hoarders” doesn’t count even though it takes a lifetime to compile that much cat poop and old magazines.

Some shows have tried.  For instance, in 2010, the show “Sunset Daze” hit the overrated, and estrogen-rich, WE network.  The show covered a retirement community group of friends, or so I’m told by the one article I read about it.  You didn’t think I’d actually watch anything on WE, did you?  The show apparently had some following though, and even though it couldn’t last for more than a season, I think the idea of a show focusing on the elderly is an untapped gold mine.

Think about it.  The elderly have almost as much free time as teenagers.  As people age from a time when TV was already in every home, you also have a population who’s used to watching copious amounts of TV.  Combine that with a monthly retirement check, and you’re sure to siphon off the remainder of their expendable income.  And make no mistake about it, the elderly are interesting to a broader group as well.  I mean, if you can catch them when they’re awake, they have some of the best stories and advice for anyone to enjoy.

Make no mistake about it, I’m predicting a golden age of golden years stories.  We’re all going to be interested in the elderly.  I just hope no one sets it up like Big Brother.  I don’t want to watch hidden camera video of the elderly.  That could get…disturbing.

And until that time, watch these funny outtakes from YouTube, and its Bob Saget-esque montage:

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